There are two main options for volunteering at the Rodeo:

  1. General Volunteers
  2. Judges/Greeters/Auditors

General Volunteers provide support with tasks such as registering teams, assisting with sales, setup, and general information, and providing support on-site at the Rodeo (including parking management, helping with children's activities, assisting with sales and information stations, etc.). Participation of volunteers from the host utility, their community partners, and members of the public power community from across the country is essential to the success of this event. Volunteers are needed on Thursday May 4, Friday May 5, and Saturday May 6, 2017.

Judges and Greeter/Auditors are specialized volunteers.

  • Judges for the journeyman and apprentice events must have experience with linework and/or judging similar events in the past. Judges must attend a meeting at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter in the afternoon on Friday (5/5/2017), proctor the Apprentice Written Test in the afternoon on Friday (5/5/2017) at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter, and judge events during the Rodeo on Saturday (5/6/2017) at Tuttle Park. You will be required to be on the Rodeo field from 7 am to approximately 2 pm
  • Greeter/Auditors are stationed at a specific competition event during the Rodeo on Saturday, May 6 to provide instructions to each team and/or apprentice upon arriving at that event using a script. They may also check all competitors in and out at each specific event by time-stamping their rotation schedule and confirming that their score sheet has been filled out correctly. Scripts and guidelines are provided for Greeter/AuditorsGreeters/Auditors are only needed on Saturday (5/6/2017) at Tuttle Park in San Antonio, TX, but must attend a mandatory in-person meeting on Friday (5/5/2017) at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter. This meeting gives you an opportunity to ask your event judge any questions you may have about the event in advance. You will be required to be on the Rodeo field from 7 am to approximately 2 pm