APPA Academy

The APPA Academy is public power’s complete resource for professional education and certification. Through a variety of delivery methods, the APPA Academy helps electric utility employees stay abreast of rapidly moving industry technologies and regulatory requirements.


The Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments program the only research and demonstration program funded by and for public power utilities. Established in 1980, DEED is dedicated to improving the operations and services of public power utilities by supporting and demonstrating its members’ innovative activities through research, funding, and education.

Hometown Connections

Hometown Connections, a subsidiary of APPA, offers APPA members advice and access to quality products/services from a trusted entity with public power’s best interests in mind.

Mutual Aid

Utilities establish mutual aid agreements with neighboring and regional utilities in order to improve service restoration efforts during power outages.


PowerPAC (Public Ownership of Electric Resources Political Action Committee) is an organization of public power professionals from across the United States who recognize the importance of supporting Members of Congress who protect the interests of public power.

Public Power Week

Public Power Week is a country-wide program to celebrate the importance of public power to local citizens and other key publics, including state and national officials.

Reliable Public Power Provider Program (RP3)

The RP3 program recognizes utilities that demonstrate high proficiency in reliability, safety, work force development and system improvement.