• Announce Your RP3 Designation
    As a Reliable Public Power Provider, it is important to inform customers of the commitment your utility has demonstrated to providing reliable and safe electric service. Each RP3 designee has proven itself to be following industry standards of best practices and has shown high proficiency in providing electric service. To get the word out, we have created a customizable advertisement for you to use as a bill stuffer or a supplement in a utility brochure, newspaper ad, etc. To demonstrate your hard work and efforts simply download this advertisement, insert your utility’s logo, print, and distribute.
  • RP3 Leave Behind
    This helpful brochure and this half-page leave behind flyer answers the common questions about what an RP3 designation means, including: what is RP3, how do utilities apply for the designation, how are RP3 utilities chosen, and why utilities should apply?

Safety First Report Series

APPA staff has created several reports compiling examples of best practices in safety programs. If you're looking for sample forms and checklists provided by some of our Diamond-designated RP3 utilities, take a look at the reports listed below!

Application Data Report

Learn about how many applicants answered affirmatively to each RP3 application question and what the average points earned were per question by taking a look at the report below:



  • View photos from the 2017 RP3 Awards Ceremony at the Engineering & Operations Conference 
  • View photos from the 2016 RP3 Awards Ceremony at the Engineering & Operations Conference 
  • View photos from the 2015 RP3 Awards Ceremony at the Engineering & Operations Conference 
  • View photos from the 2014 RP3 Awards Ceremony at the Engineering & Operations Conference 

Press Releases


  • About the RP3 Program  (4/7/2014) Download the video for use in your own presentations here
  • Video announcing the 2016 RP3 Designees (4/4/2016)
  • Video announcing the 2015 RP3 Designees (5/19/2015)


You may view recordings of previous RPwebinars using the links below.

2016 RP3 Webinar Series

2015 RP3 Webinar Series

2014 RP3 Webinar Series 

Articles and Reports

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