Starting an Energy Efficiency Program for Your Utility and Community
This short brochure covers why energy efficiency is important, why it is uniquely suited to public power and the steps to implementing a program in your utility and community.

The Effect of Energy Efficiency Programs on Electric Utility Revenue Requirements
Successful conservation and energy efficiency programs decrease sales, and since electric utility rates typically are based on sales volume, also decrease utility revenues. This potential for lower revenues gives utilities a disincentive to implement energy efficiency programs and may affect a utility’s financial health. This report describes actions utilities have taken to promote energy efficiency programs while still ensuring adequate revenue recovery.

2016 Energy Services Survey
The results of this survey highlight the numerous energy efficiency, demand-side management and conservation programs offered to customers by public power utilities across the country.

Measuring Savings from Energy Efficiency Programs: What It Means, Why It Is Necessary, And How To Do It 
Measuring savings from an energy efficiency program is vital. In this APPA report, find out why measuring energy savings is necessary and ways to do it effectively.

Public Power Utilities: Energy Efficiency Loan and Rebate Programs
This report summarizes many programs that public power utilities offer their customers that provide financial incentives for investments in energy-efficient equipment and appliances, home improvements, and facility upgrades.

State Energy Efficiency Provisions
Some states that have enacted renewable portfolio standards (RPS) provide that energy efficiency savings can be used to meet the RPS; other states have established separate goals or requirements for energy efficiency. This report summarizes state actions on establishing energy efficiency targets and highlights provisions that apply to public power utilities.

A New View on Energy Efficiency Toolkit
To help you communicate with your board and colleagues on the importance of energy efficiency, APPA has developed a presentation toolkit based on the publication A New View on Energy Efficiency for Public Power Utilities, which includes both PowerPoint slides and an accompanying script to help you start the conversation about introducing or expanding energy efficiency and demand-side management programs.

Toolkit resources: