APPA Decries Irresponsible Story on Grid Security

March 13, 2014

Press Release

Washington, D.C., March 13, 2014  The American Public Power Association (APPA) and its members are serious about protecting the grid against evolving threats. We are collectively and continually formulating and revising measures to protect critical assets, making the grid more resilient and robust. For this reason, APPA is disappointed that The Wall Street Journal—a reputable news organization—would highlight sensitive information that could put the American public, utility employees, and utility facilities at risk. Further, we agree with Acting FERC Chairman Cheryl LaFleur’s characterization that disclosing “sensitive information about the grid undermines the careful work done by professionals who dedicate their careers to providing the American people with a reliable and secure grid.”

APPA, and the electric utility industry as a whole, continues to work together with Congress, federal agencies, and the Administration to ensure the security and reliability of our nation’s electric system. We recognize the important role of the press in communicating to the public, but we hope in the future that it reconsiders making potentially damaging disclosures of sensitive information.


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